Why Curbing Pollution Is Now More Important Than Ever

There was a time when success in any industrial operation would be based on hitting markers and ensuring that productivity was maintained. Close attention was paid to the performance of competitors, as every advantage had to be exploited if the organisation was to succeed. Today, however, there is much more to it, as such a business also needs to focus on its reputation and its position as a corporate citizen. How do you ensure that you are paying enough attention to these other issues and why do you need to be particularly careful to avoid big penalties?

Joining the Conversation

Many politicians and environmentalists suggest that devastating damage has been caused to the Earth's atmosphere through industrial pollution. Some of them even suggest that the planet is close to the point of no return. Whether you subscribe to this alarmist theory or not, it's very important to ensure that your business does not contribute to the problem.

Are You on Top?

You must pay attention to a raft of new environmental laws designed to curb emissions, reduce congestion and avoid public health issues. You may think that you are doing your part to meet these set limits and conform to regulations, but in the cauldron of public opinion this may not be enough. Here, you need to go even further if you can and identify areas that will actually prove that your company is not doing any harm.

Part of the Game

Most industrial operations are at risk of polluting the atmosphere in one way or another, simply because of their manufacturing process. It's very important, therefore, to be on top of your quality control on an ongoing basis, so that any potential breaches can be detected before they result in an issue.

Show What You're Doing

You will also need to keep very detailed records and be prepared to publicise them, not only to prove that you are doing your bit, but that you are striving to do better than your competitors. When you do so, you'll be able to enjoy some public relations benefit and that can often lead directly to the bottom line.

Hidden Gains?

If you pay very close attention to your emissions, you may be able to divert some of the energy created by this process to another sector. In this way, the costs associated with quality control may be offset by savings elsewhere.

The Challenge of Conformity

Regulations change frequently, and they can often be very detailed and difficult to understand. You need to bring in air quality service consultants to help you understand them and ensure that you are always in conformity.

Make sure that you choose consultants that have a good reputation and are well known to government regulators, as this will help build your relationship with those enforcers. Remember, you don't want to get on first name terms with any government regulator, if you can help it, while you focus on your moneymaking activities and keep ahead of the game.

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