Main Items From Which You Can Source Scrap Copper For Recycling

If you are looking to make some quick money through scrap metal recycling, you will soon find out the copper is one of the most sought-after metals in this business. Copper remains a favourite metal to recycle, as it is quite versatile regarding the applications it is viable for. Hence, scrap metal recyclers are always ready to pay good money for a great batch of copper, as they know they can utilise this material to the maximum. Nevertheless, individuals new to scrap metal recycling may not be aware of where they can get adequate amounts of copper to turn a profit. If you are stumped on ideas, read on for a few of the main items from which you can source scrap copper for recycling.

Household appliances

A great place to start refining your search for scrap copper is in household appliances. Firstly, since these appliances are hard to get rid of, most Australians tend to leave them out on the pavement, which means you can scour them for a considerable number of household appliances for free. Secondly, any of your old machines that are in storage due to malfunction or some other reason will also be a great place to look for scrap copper. A few of the primary household appliances that will prove to be a treasure trove for scrap metal include air conditioning systems, refrigerator units, washing machines and so on. In fact, the older the appliance, the better for you to reap scrap copper as it used to be a primary manufacturing material in years past!

Outdated electronics

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, commonplace electronics are quickly becoming obsolete. Resultantly, you may find yourself either throwing or stashing away tons of electronics because there are newer and better toys to play with now. Instead of having these outdated electronics go to waste, you should consider taking them apart to source for scrap copper. Analogue televisions are a good option as most of their wires are made from insulated copper. Old computer monitors are also an excellent source of scrap copper as the internal components were manufactured from this material. Other outdated appliances you could consider disintegrating for scrap copper include DVD players, VCRs and even old laptops.

Charging devices

While new gadgets are much more efficient than their older counterparts are, they do tend to develop complex problems that may not be fixable. For instance, if the motherboard of your smartphone stops working, you might have to resort to buying a new one. Fortunately, the charging devices of these new gadgets are also an excellent source of scrap copper. From cell phone chargers to laptop chargers, you can collect as many cords as you can in search of copper wires.

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